Remember, I Loved You

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   Remember, I Loved You

   That was before separation, The Last Summer.

   We held hands at the playground and agreed that in this life, as long as you are alone, we also said that we will wait for each other and make an appointment for tomorrow. on that day, the sun will cover the whole earth and we will be together forever..

   But, fate, not allowed.

   Remember, you said that no matter how long, this heart only belongs to each other. I smiled and agreed. However, it is also summer, our afternoon, our interval.

   If I can have the courage, trust and muddle along that day, maybe we will be beautiful and good..

   However, what has been lost will never emerge..

   We are all too fragile to experience the wind and rain, the wind and rain in love.. It's all my fault. I shouldn't be silent when I'm silent. I should be brave when I'm weak.. Everyone has to experience and understand. We need courage to believe that we will be together..

   Unfortunately not if.

   Always recall the past, blame myself, always inadvertently, think of you.

   Perhaps I am with you, I am too rebellious, so it is doomed to have no good results, looking at you and his talk, how painful I am.

   The places and tribulations we have gone through have left our mark of the past.. However, it has been diluted and buried by time..

   On the street with thin eyes, we met unexpectedly. Unfortunately, no one stopped and looked back..

   Love is like a rain, which has left me, gone and never returned.. Remember, the fireworks and rain that day were really beautiful, but unfortunately, the one who accompanied me will never be the one who can make me laugh again.. Now that you are too far away, you can only stay in my memory..

   In the years we loved, no one was willing to mention it. I don't know whether it was forgotten 天顺娱乐平台 or whether we loved it. It was a dream at all. However, you are a good dream for me. Although I will accept the sad ending, I would rather not wake up at all.. (责任编辑:admin)




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