Love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

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   Introductory remarks: Sometimes people are just like this. When they encounter any big thing, they will bear it and endure it. Hearing a word of comfort from the people around them, they will instantly completely defeated.. Only later did I understand that what I fear is not indifference but sudden gentleness, what I fear is not suffering, what I fear is that people around me feel sorry for you, what I fear is not loneliness, what I fear is failure..

   1. In the early stage of your life, if you are too troublesome and too lazy to learn, the more likely you will miss the people and things that make you tempted and miss the new scenery..

   2. We don't need to see the end of A Long Journey immediately. We just need to see the way to get there..

   3, the more knowledgeable, less dispute, more experience, less complaints, more leisure, more melodramatic.

   4. Don't rely too much on friendship, or spend a lot of thoughts on whether the people around surmise are sincere to you. One's life will not die. Feeling lonely is a required course for growth, and everyone must experience it.. The road of life is long. If there is a period when there is really no one to accompany you, you should say to yourself in Walk Alone, it is good to walk through this period. There are better scenery and better people waiting ahead..

   5. You are a very lovely person. You really should meet the best person. I also hope I am.

   6. Children are more often than adults in Saving Face. Because the world is small, all small things are not small..

   7. May you be so self-reliant that you don't need someone to spoil you, but you are still so lucky that someone spoils you..

   8, first become more like yourself, and then meet a person who does not need to please.

   9. When people notice you a little, you open your heart. You think this is frank, but in fact it is lonely..

   10, because she is only 1.5 meters, so once quarrel, I must bow first.

   11, some people's common fault is that it is easy to see others clearly, not easy to see yourself clearly. Zi Zhu Bi Jiao can be considered in other people's problems, but can be sketched out in one's own problems.. A selfish heart naturally nurtures a pair of selfish eyes, a calculating way of living, and a keen attitude of saying right and wrong behind one's back.. In other words, I have never seen myself clearly..

   12, some things, how many people understand it doesn't matter, someone understand it.

   13, as long as alive, will meet with good things.

   There is always someone who loved you. There is always someone who left you. In fact, the people we like have something in common. They are not the same person, but they are equally good.. Sometimes you feel that you can't do without someone, but you can't do without the advantages you love, and these advantages are shared by others.. Please don't be sad when you lose someone. Because there will always be someone, like him, who loves you more..

   15. Charm is a woman's power, just as power is a man's charm..

   16, time is enough to love, also enough to . Forget love.

   17, the people around, still, go and come, come and go. Gather, gather, disperse, divide, combine, and correct tangled knots. After all, use time to turn around the origin.. Looking back, those who once fell in love with the scenery, those who never forget, and those who love deeply are already familiar and far away.. It turns out that many people and many things come and go, and the traffic goes on and on, only the years and I are close to each other..

   18, when you happen to have no support, it is dark, you can support yourself, we all need a little of this strength.

   19. When you start to get nervous about someone, you begin to like it.. When you are sad for someone, it is love. All emotions begin with the ups and downs of emotions.. A person you don't care about won't be happy and sad for him.. Only those you care about will be really crazy.. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you love or not, what matters is who you are tempted by.. You lose when you are tempted..

   20. The people of Say Anything. are lonely, and when they love to be poor, they go through all the vicissitudes of life..

   21, rather than expecting to meet someone, it is better to expect oneself to attract such a person; Instead of expecting positive energy to warm you every time you lose it, expect yourself to become a positive energy person. It is better to work hard now than to worry about the future.. Sometimes even if there is no more comfort and advice, can persuade and encourage yourself, or only yourself. And all I can do is tell you, We Are All The Same, don't be afraid.

   22. Don't waste your time on someone who isn't focused enough on you. You deserve someone who loves you with all his heart and soul..

   23, can't get back to pay, to know enough is enough.. Otherwise, disturb others and hurt yourself. (责任编辑:admin)




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