Love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.(2)

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   24, what to do, what to say, too care about the feelings of others, is equal to living for others, as long as you do yourself well, don't be selfish, don't be arrogant, don't put yourself myth, in fact, you can't take care of all people's feelings, you will only make yourself uncomfortable.

   When fate wants you to grow up, you will always arrange some people or things that make you unhappy to stimulate you..

   26, love is an inequality, therefore, don't care who pays more or less, which side is more active.

  27. Sometimes, we are not waiting for anyone or anything. We are waiting for time, waiting for time, to change ourselves..

   28, whenever you can control, it is not love, but need. Love is knowing you don't want it, but you just can't help it.. Is always want to leave, but just can't walk away. Is clearly in loneliness, but still miss. This looks like helplessness, love can make people miserable.. But in fact, even if you are hurt to pieces by love, having the sweetness of that moment makes up for everything..

   29. This world is not a world of rich people or people without money. It is a world of people with heart..

   Many people do not know what they want.. In fact, I do not have the courage to face it and make enough efforts to strive for what I want..

   31, the difficulty of living alone, is that no matter what kind of mess, have to clean up. No, the real difficulty of living alone is that no one cares if you are upset or not..

   32. We think love is deep and deep. In the future, you will know that it is only shallow and shallow.. The deepest and heaviest love must grow with time..

   33, don't claim everywhere that the world is unfair to you, the world does not owe you anything, because the world was born much earlier than you..

   34. Boring is very necessary. What a person does in the blank time determines that this person is fundamentally different from others..

   35, we will always because of a vague feelings hidden in the heart, ashamed to say, always want to wait for each other to speak first, but I don't know, in fact, the other is the same idea. The more precious things you feel in the other person's heart, the more you want to wait for the other person to speak first, but this is always the case and you miss your time..

   36. I suddenly found that the boy who talked with me very much was also having an affair with other girls. I suddenly found that my roommates who get along well will talk about you behind their backs. Suddenly found that people who used to hate are praising you to others. All of a sudden, I found that your classmates who had never spoken quietly wiped the table full of water stains for you.. Yes, don't think too well of anyone, and don't think too badly of anyone, because there are so many The Secret You Don't Know.

   37, life once had all brilliant, eventually need to use loneliness to repay.

   38, seven or eight years old met people who can't be together, but still do their best to love, now just 20 years old young, but lost the ability to love a person. (责任编辑:admin)




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