The 300-word Reading Report of Langwangmeng

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   Fan wenyi

   Male wolf Morus nigra wants to be the wolf king and overthrow the wolf king together with the mother wolf Lan Zi, but this dark mulberry died in the wild boar's mouth.. Lan Zi gave birth to five little wolves. One of them froze to death in the cold flood in inside when he was born. Lan Zi named his eldest son Killer, his second son Lanhun, his third son Shuangmao, and his daughter mei. Because Killer was like Morus nigra in those days, Lan Zi doted on it and wanted it to fulfill Morus nigra's wishes, but it showed the satisfaction that wolves did not have. So Lan Zi began to train it. At its age, other young wolves did not dare to go out of the hole, but it had already galloped on the grassland. As a result, it was eaten by an eagle. Lan Zi had to let the Blue Soul replace Killer. The Blue Soul really lived up to expectations and was a leader among wolves. It led everyone every time, but it was too confident. Let oneself die in the hunter's trap inside, Lan Zi had to put hope on the younger son again, but Shuangmao was bullied by his two brothers. It was just a slave image. Lan Zi made Shuangmao heroic by beating and scolding it. When seeing Shuangmao's challenge to the wolf king was about to succeed, he only listened to the wolf king's call, and then aroused Shuangmao's previous memory and died in the wolf's mouth.. Zilan is desperate, but it must realize Morus nigra's wishes. Mei Mei is in the breeding period of wolves. Lan Zi has to find a strong wolf for Mei Mei to have a good wolf cub. Mei Mei, however, is hanging with male wolf, the most servile of wolves. Lan Zi has to hang Mei to death, but Mei Mei does not eat or drink all day. Lan Zi has to realize it by herself. But because Lan Zi is gaunt and gaunt because of educating his son, the middle-aged wolf has become old. However, this strong wolf and mei mei gave birth to a wolf cub. Lan Zi finally fell off the cliff with the eagle to protect mei mei's wolf cub.. The last sentence of the article is "I wish one of the wolves in this litter could become the wolf king.".

   Fan Wen 2

   "Oww-ow-"howl after howl, sad and desolate, creepy; In the dark night, a pair of eyes with terrible light, stretched out his claws coming towards you . See the above scene, you must have thought of what is the animal. Wolves-This is a synonym for meanness, cunning, cruelty and malice.. But there is a book that has completely changed my view on it. What book has such great magic power?? That is the famous Animals Novel "Wolf King Dream" written by Uncle Shen Shixi..

   There is a lonely wolf named Lan Zi on the fertile grassland of Gamal. She had only one wish in her life, which was to fulfill the unfinished wish of her partner Morus nigra when he was alive: to breed a wolf cub into a wolf king.. On a cold and hungry night, it gave birth to five little wolves, but one was frozen to death by late spring coldness shortly after it was born.. Perhaps it was luck that made the wolf, or Lan Zi was too eager to cultivate the "super wolf" mentality, and one after another the little wolves left her: "Killer" was eaten by Golden eagle for daring. The "Blue Soul" was captured by the animal clamp and skinned alive the wolf. "Shuangmao" was killed when competing for the title of Wolf King. The last "mei mei" was a female wolf. The female wolf could not be the wolf king, so she pinned her hopes on the wolf sun.. But she found out that another Golden eagle wanted to eat wolf grandchildren. In order to protect them, Lan Zi and Golden eagle ended up together .

   Because of dreams, wolves dare to fight against natural enemy Golden eagle. Because of the dream, Lan Zi gave his youth prematurely. Because of dreams, all difficulties have been overcome by it. Let's work towards our dreams.!





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