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   After the associate vice-chairman published an article on pearl buck and Xu Zhimo, many people asked me if there was such a thing.. The answer is as follows.

   It is quite possible that men and women will enjoy each other and develop to a certain extent. Both sides have agreed to keep secrets hidden from everyone.. The two sides are now dead, and there is no proof that they are dead.. Now that someone has uncovered it on the basis of nothing more than legends, conjectures, and possible innuendos of the characters in the novel, it is extremely difficult for us to judge whether there is anything about it, and it is best to put it into doubt for the time being..

   Pearl Buck is four years older than Xu Zhimo.. Her husband, Mr. Burke, is an agronomist.. Nanjing's University of Nanking is a church school, and its agricultural college is very famous. The Boks both teach there, Pearl Buck teaches English, and she also teaches part-time in the Department of Foreign Languages of the National Southeast University.. In the autumn of the 15th year of the Republic of China, I applied to teach at the university. at that time, the director of the department of foreign languages was Mr. Zhang Xinhai, who 恒越注册登录 also came to school with me at the same time. every time I sat idly in the teacher's lounge waiting for the bell to ring for class, I met pearl buck shiran.. The course she took was first-grade English.. She nodded to us, greeted us, sat down on one side and did not talk to us, and our lively chat was interrupted by her coming in.. Once I remember when she left, Zhang Xinhai took his pipe from his mouth and pointed it at Han Xiangmei and me gherardini. "Thatwoman…… ." This is a very impolite name.. I don't know what is disrespectful about this woman.. I think she should be a good teacher.. Heard that her marriage is not very happy, and her husband is not harmonious.. She was born in January 2002 when she was about 36 years old.. My impression is that she is a typical middle-aged woman in the United States. She is fat and strong. Her exposed arm is quite thick and round. flour is round and dignified.. Many people don't appreciate the name Pearl Buck very much. As far as pure Chinese taste is concerned, it is rather tacky.. Saizi may be part of the transliteration of her original surname Sydenstricker, so it is no wonder that she has such a not very elegant name..

   Xu Zhimo is a romantic and natural person, he is seven or eight years older than me.. I first met him through the introduction of my classmate Liang Sicheng and invited him to give a speech in Tsinghua in the name of the Tsinghua Literature Society. This was in the autumn of the 11th year of the Republic of China.. Although his speech "Art and Life" was not successful, his elegant demeanour was very impressive.. Liang Sicheng was pursuing Miss Lin Huiyin, Lin Changmin's daughter, who was beautiful and talented. The place they offered each week was Songpo Library in Beihai Park.. Xu Zhimo has long been associated with Lin Huiyin in Europe and has a very deep friendship.. According to Liang Sicheng, Xu Zhimo often goes to Songpo Library to be an unpopular third party.. Songpo Library is closed on Sundays as usual. Liang has his own key and can enter and leave freely due to special reasons.. Liang couldn't resist being harassed, so he put a piece of paper on the door and wrote a big book: Loverswanttobeleftalone... Chi mo had to disgruntled, withdraw from the competition.

   The second time I saw Zhimo was in the summer of the 15th year of the Republic of China. He held an engagement party at the Beihai Park Board of Directors. The other party was Ms. Lu Xiaoman.. Since then, I have often met with Seymour in Shanghai. I can't say that I have a deep friendship. It's not to the extent that I don't talk about everything. Of course, he didn't tell me anything about Pearl Buck, but I haven't heard of such a thing from other people's mouth, inside.. The privacy of men and women is not an easy thing to keep secret, especially when one loves to confide "I only love you alone" to the other. This kind of emotion is not easy to be completely locked in one's heart, but one cannot find any hint of vague words in Zhimo's poems and prose inside.. At the same time, there are many people in the society who like to talk about other people's * *. how can a man of the hour like zhimo, who has a wide circle of friends, stop the long talk and not be widely spread?? Especially now there are many people studying Zhimo, why should foreigners expose it??

   Now that it has been exposed by foreigners, I suspect that Pearl Buck may have revealed a little bit of wind to her countrymen before her death, intentionally or unintentionally, and after being exaggerated, it has become such a brilliant story.. Is it her unrequited love on the one hand? I dare not say.

   Pearl S. Buck was not born in the beginning and won the Nobel Prize in 1938. Secular people began to pay attention to her life.. In fact, this doubtful case, if true or completely false, will have no effect on the orders and names of the two parties concerned, and will only add some talking materials for those who are in trouble.. So in the current situation, as far as I can see, it is better to be suspicious than to believe it. (责任编辑:admin)




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