Red Dust Drunken Passers-by, original will in Deep Mountains

时间: 作者:寂寞

   The night companion has no sleep, stands at the window, the stars, missing becomes the ruin.. Yuehua clear cold, small breeze blows, Dangqi Lake worries. ……

   I have always believed that the meeting in this life is due to fate.. This life, only willing to tsing yi element type for you, light makeup thick ink, such as lotus such as Zen.

   Green mountains are high, clear water is far away, and the cape is in the sky. when will we meet?? In the depth of time, I can't find the way to come.. Qian Qian que song, she ran mu yi, heart already stick to stone, not broken. A glance back, a frown, your gentleness, dance fall in the spring and autumn, said all my attachment.

   The night is long and the road is long. I don't know how many joys and sorrows are hidden in the hazy sky.? It turns out that the flowers in every year are similar, but people are no longer the same year after year.. The?things?are?still?there?,?but?men?are?no?more?the?same?ones?. is the gentlest cruelty in the world..

   Deja vu, sigh greetings. I am full of lovesickness when I write, and I am worried when I write. Mo Yun's dyed paper has its own fragrance.. Night and Day, sentimentally attached as before; Twilight and dusk, tears and beads. If my expectation and waiting are just like a glass dream, I will also pour out this deep feeling. I will definitely not live up to a meeting in this life..

   Love Te vas?, Peach Blossoms Fall, Xianchi Pavilion. Lonely wutong rain at night, drops broken down a few times tears? Think hard, porch window night dream tired dressing. Gambling tea splash-ink painting, only ordinary way. Waning moon is like a hook. The dream in the west window is cold. There are countless heartbroken dreams of two Te vas?. The dream in the blue bridge is broken. The dream in the soul is not ended.. If you make a mistake in your previous life and make a mistake in this world, you will always make a false impression.. A pot of Nigori, drunk, Mo Wen's former life, Mo Wen's afterlife. (责任编辑:admin)




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