200 words after reading the back of my head

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   This semester we have studied Zhu Ziqing's "Back". It is said that this article was written by Zhu ziqing at that time in order to return to his father. after this article was seen by his father. His father was very moved at that time.. So forgive him.

   This article mainly talks about the back of my father when he sent the author to the station to buy oranges for the author.. The article expressed the author's most real inner feelings in plain language.. The article also wrote that the author wept three times, but he was afraid of his father's seeing and even more afraid of others' seeing.. At the end of the article, he also wrote the letter his father should write to him. After reading it, the author shed tears of missing. In the glittering and translucent tears, the author saw the fat figure of Green Cloth Cotton robe's black cloth jacket..

   Read this article.. The plot of the story seems to be vividly displayed in front of us.. At the same time, it also shows the 天顺娱乐 selflessness of father's love .





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