Nice short love sentence

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   Nice short love sentence

   1: We all have regrets. We can only move on.

   2: I decided to live my own life. Love was temporarily suspended by me..

   3: Not gentle, not beautiful, but with you by my side

   4: I am looking forward to seeing you as the person who gave me my first tie when I was 18 ~ ~

   5. Memories are a farce in Pollyanna

   6: When you are young, you should enjoy it well. Don't wait until you are old and regret it.

   7: ら's happiness seems close at hand, but it depends on whether you can grasp it or not.

   8: My brain inside is full of you.

   9: I love you so much, but you have to abandon @

   10: silly boy, your arms can only give me one to hold you forever.

   天顺娱乐平台 11: Not tall, not handsome, but with you by my side, In life and death

   12: Don't wait for me to be tired before you say you love me..

   13: Apollo shines so brightly, but he falls down again and again..

   14: I have always been a clown to perform funny humor, and no one can understand the pain in my heart.!

   15: Contradictions are like fish that are connected end to end and live for a long time in this world.

   16. The end of love is a tragedy

   17: I know the only thing that hurts me is you, ら. I am willing to change myself for you.

   18: Do you think I have gentlemanly manners? No

   Do you want to be my bride?

   20: Who made up the best 100 lies





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