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   Life is ups and downs, Sachi and misfortune, luck and misfortune, heaven and earth . during the journey, I only feel the ups and downs of planes, like the departure and arrival of trains.. Clouds and clouds pass through.. I was facing another Spring Festival in Jingdezhen in winter vacation when I suddenly started to travel to Russia.. Since the death of my great-grandmother and grandmother, my family's living form has been relatively refined, that is, my family has never said that a large family must be reunited during the Spring Festival.. Each small family has its own program. Parents go to Dongguan early every year to participate in the activities of their younger brother's family.. The Spring Festival in Jingdezhen is very empty for a person like me who is "wandering". In fact, since the old man died, every time I returned to Jingdezhen, I felt homeless.. It is only fatalistic that I now live in Jingdezhen, and I still have no life to live in. It is unavoidable that sometimes I feel like Grain Rain in the Spring Festival.. And I don't want to let the wet mood spoil the happy Spring Festival!

   A trip to Russia cost 8850 yuan, and this year I won a 10,000 yuan scientific research award. I finished my work in hard work day and night. it is worth spending the bonus to change a sunny mood.!

   When I first went to Shanghai, I knew Xin could already babble and learn to walk.. The child's growth witnessed the sun and the moon, but the sunset and the western hills made him feel more characterization of the wasted years,wasted years.. I happened to find a i-pen in Baoshan Xinhua Bookstore, and it was bilingual from the beginning to the end.. A sum of 1000 yuan really brings a lot of pleasure.. Today's children, as long as adults are more careful, not smart is difficult.. For 6 a.m. The Hongqiao Airport, 35, had moved to Rujia near the airport in advance. It was a journey that the price could not reach since the 29th of the year. Because of the 30th of the year, the price was 60 at 6: 00 in the morning, which was also considered as the 6th order of the year..

   The Chinese have a special way of collecting tips. They don't clearly mark the price, but they are full of worldly wisdom.. New Year's Day, naturally can't according to conventional. Foreigners like to tip even in The Untouchables. For example, on the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the tour guide will give a tip of 25 rubles to each person as soon as he gets on the bus.. The Chinese who grew up in the etiquette country ask for tips, and you will definitely not have any extra favor for you if you pay the money. Such a business seems to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.. The Chinese are good at winding paths leading to seclusion.. For example, during the tour, except for the Eastern Palace, the tourists are not allowed to enter the room. The Kremlin, Russian Museum, Summer Palace and Ekaterina Palace are all at their own expense.. Chinese people who don't talk about tips still value "agreement" more. if they want to participate in self-funded projects, they will sign a self-funded agreement at the airport to pay the tour guide, which costs 350-600 RMB respectively. if they want to play several scenic spots, they will need to add about 2,000 RMB, not including the Russian ballet of 1300 RMB.. Before departure, according to I Query's Russian strategy, the general cost of the Kremlin tour was only 350 roubles, equivalent to RMB in 35 yuan, that is, the price required for self-funded projects had doubled ten times.. Later, I visited the Kremlin on my own, plus the Treasure Museum (which is an item that the tour guide does not take Chinese tourists), and only 700 yuan roubles, namely 70 yuan RMB. Tickets to the Summer Palace and Catherine Palace are 400 rubles, namely 40 yuan RMB and 500 rubles, namely 50 RMB respectively. As it is winter, 120 rubles for the garden is free of charge.. However, the tour guide's self-paid items are RMB for visiting the Summer Palace in 400 yuan and RMB for visiting 600 yuan in Catherine Palace, which is more than ten times the price of the tickets.. This outrageous price made me try to inform the tour guide with information before departure, hoping for a reasonable charge.. Moreover, I always hold the principle of not affecting the normal work of tour groups and keep silent in the team.. However, people who entered the scenic spot naturally knew the price, so some members of the team will naturally follow me later.. Some people even told me that there were more than 30 members of another tour group, only 3 of whom booked the self-paid items, and the rest bought their own tickets for viewing.. In my opinion, you can ask for extra tips for the Spring Festival tour, but the number of tickets must be truthful.. Tour guides and travel companies think their fees include fares, tour guide fees and admission fees. What I don't understand is, for example, the Kremlin, Summer Palace and Catherine Palace all have regulations to visit "outside The Wall" during their trips to inside. The fees I ordered for the trip require you to lead me to "outside The Wall", from "outside The Wall" to "inside The Wall". What else is the "fare" to be paid for at your own expense?? How thick is The Wall, a Russian scenic spot, in the eyes of Chinese tour guides?? King Kong Tie Gu, who is not a tour guide, cannot cross? It turns out that if you don't take part in the self-funded project, the tour guide will not take you to the "outside The Wall" of the scenic spot or even allow you to go to the "outside The Wall" of the scenic spot.. A tour group consists of a Chinese tour leader and a Russian tour guide. During the tour, the tour guide leader is divided into two routes. Those who participate in self-funded projects are led to the scenic spots by the tour guide, while those who do not participate in self-funded projects, such as in Xia Palace, are led by the tour leader to walk to Linzi inside, which is far from the gate of the palace.. In the tour time of the Kremlin and Catherine Palace, if you don't pay for it, the tour leader will take you to the shopping mall far away from the scenic spot and so on.. Of course I don't accept such unreasonable domination. I said, I won't participate in your self-funded project, but I haven't lost my freedom of life, have I? You have no right to follow me or imprison me somewhere.. Spending money on traveling is a tourist attraction that enchants Russia, rather than being locked up. Even if the blue flag of the Chinese travel agency can cover the gate of Russian tourist attractions, it cannot cover the eyes and hearts eager to explore art.! So in the summer palace, I took a walk by myself instead of going to the woods. the leader immediately followed me. his reason was: "I'm afraid you've lost your way."! "I told him I wouldn't lose, because I was in front of the church.. It was not interesting to follow him, so I went to the other teams that did not participate in the self-paying. I had a moment's freedom, that is, I went to the ticket office, 40 yuan RMB, rented an explanation machine, 50 yuan, 90 yuan RMB in total, which was clear and saved 310 yuan RMB without bothering the tour guide's explanation.. The trip to Catherine Palace and the Kremlin was miserable. Those who would not take part in the self-funded events were placed in shopping malls and Chinese restaurants. The distance between the scenic spots and me was just like that between China and Russia.. In order to find Catherine Palace, I turned to two Russians who did not speak Russian to help me call a taxi, but it was very difficult to call a taxi in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Instead of waving to stop, they called the car by phone. But both cars came, and the driver was as big and small as a Russian fat man. They firmly believed that the Russian called the car, not me.!I tried my best to tell them in English that this car was called by several Chinese, but the driver didn't believe it and kindly told us that you had to make a phone call if you wanted the car.. They don't care if we can't speak Russian, because they also despise English. Most Russians can't speak English or a little bit. I'm afraid everyone should understand Russian in the eyes of Russians. In the end, I and the other two savers of the tour group each gave 1200 RMB to let my husband and his children follow the tour guide to the palace. They followed me to save 600 yuan RMB. They believed that they could enter the palace with me.. Indeed, with perseverance, we could not get a taxi and asked the way. We just walked into Catherine Palace, spending 50 yuan, plus a long-distance roaming fee, and renting a lecture machine, 60 yuan, which cost 130 yuan RMB and saved 470 yuan RMB.. (责任编辑:admin)




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