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  Anna's story is familiar, even in China. As Leo Tolstoy's story leads, "Happy families are all alike, and unhappy families have their own misfortunes.". "Whether it's Sachi or misfortune, whether it's love or loss, a woman's tragedy brewed for love has universal significance. There are no two clues for ballet to unfold the novel. Levin's plot, which is autobiographical, is hardly presented in ballet. Only the faithful novel leads Anna and Volynski to meet with Kitty's love choice and bruise at the beginning.. In order to recall the feeling of watching the drama in St. Petersburg that night, I have made a special inquiry into the 1993 Russian ballet "Anna Karenine" on the Internet.. Although there is no way to recall every detail of the play, I still fall in love with the theater experience based on my impression.. For example, I watch ballet, karenin's study is like Tolstoy's, like the national library or museum, which is different from novels, and also subverts many stereotyped images of karenin as an old and stubborn official. Instead, Levin's autobiography is transformed to karenin. I like this Theatrical scenery treatment because Tolstoy is full of contradictions in portraying Anna's image. His original intention is to portray a dissolute woman with a critical color. However, he never knew that the author was completely conquered by the nature of the story and the development of his own plot. The idea he stuck to was infected by the moving nature of tragedy. He could not help but sympathize with Anna and be moved by the sincerity of love.. Ballet's music and stylized body movements can render emotions very well. I like this figurative language with symbolic meaning.. When expressing the blend of love, ballet Pas De Deux performed almost perfectly and perfectly. Even in the 1993 online video, although it was the chief participant, although I could not know the level of directors and actors of the plays I watched in Mariinsky Theatre (in order to know the directors and actors, I specially spent 30 yuan roubles to buy the program after the play ended, but I didn't know any of them in Russian), but I still felt that the plays I watched were higher than the 1993 version in details.. The 1993 edition is too realistic. For example, when Anna and Volynski first fell in love, they actually presented their erotic beds on the stage. And when their love comes to an end, the stage I see is moving from blending to disharmony.. If men's and women's emotions are compared to a Pas De Deux, a harmonious life is Sachi, otherwise it is unfortunate.. Whether it is the separation of karenin and Anna, or the farewell of Anna and Volynski, the actors on the stage have well demonstrated the gorgeous split-second love in the world and the inharmonious conflict of painful struggle. It is this inharmonious conflict that prompted Anna to die.. Although I can't understand Anna's name and identity, her efforts to mobilize every cell of her body, every foot, every outstretched arm and bent knees, the fear of being abandoned by the whole world and the impossible despair of self-pity and struggle are truly stunning.! It can be said that the dance drama gave all the unfortunate women an effort to hug themselves and comfort themselves, but eventually they could not reach them and finally went to heaven.. However, the 1993 version of Russian ballet set Anna's death scene as a double dance with Volynski. It was only Volynski's mother who got in the way.. Although the novel depicts Anna's death with Volynski's visit to her mother, if we can really grasp the intention of the novel, we shouldn't have such a factual explanation, but we should understand the internal cause of the death of love.. Ballet should try its best to use the symbolic meaning of symbols to interpret the plot.. Tolstoy did not make clear the direction of this vigorous love, but surprised the story with hazy and poignant beauty, leaving much room and possibility for interpretation.. The repertoire I watch has endless symbolic charm, including Anna's clothes before her death, the attractive red and black skirt matching of her blouse, her metaphorical statement when walking towards the train, unlike the 1993 version of clothes without symbolic meaning, and the real background of the train.. The Anna in my eyes brought her despair to quiet and slow Marching in Darkness. In the dark silence, while the train whistled, there might be some holy light that the human world could not struggle with. The play ended under the special moral of ballet music. The audience gave the actors more than half an hour's applause, so that the actors gave up their curtain call for a long time over and over again.. (责任编辑:admin)




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