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   The charm of Russian literature lies in many uncertainties.. Like Dostoevsky's novels, the pursuit of double polyphony. Perhaps it was the success of watching ballet that gave me confidence. I cherished my last day in st Petersburg.. The tour group stipulates that this day is a shopping day.. However, I got up early and with great nostalgia, I decided to make good use of this museum city in Sista dagen to explore St. Petersburg in my heart.. If you are single and join a tour group, the most unpleasant thing is that you need to share a room with others because you are not rich and want to save money.. On the first day, I was joined by a girl from Yancheng who was originally fine, but as soon as she entered the room, she held up her camera and took pictures of me and my bed. this was a violation to me, so she was very unhappy.. Of course, we are not familiar with it but we have to live together. It may be understandable to guard against it, but what danger can we have if we all sign up for the tour?? This caused me to be indifferent to her.. The next day, she found a tour guide to change the people who made up the room, but the people who came in again were even more strange.. In the evening, she will give herself a set of professional cracking sound for washing feet. My intuition is that she may come from a washing room, maybe she is still a boss or something.. So she disdains communication. Of course, I don't mean to discriminate against China's foot washing industry, but I don't know how to deal with this person at the moment.. I found that it was not like you really went to the foot washing room. She served you, and you could talk to her everyday. However, this boss woman, I felt at a loss.. There are four single women in this group. It is strange that I have lived together with two but have not communicated with them. However, both of them admire a business manager of e-commerce. I have hardly communicated with the third woman. However, she can meet the tour guide and even the tour guides of other teams once and for all and enjoy the tour guide's single meal and smoke with the tour guide like brothers.. The tour guide once impolitely asked me: Are you single? I answer: why, check the account? The tour guide explained that all three of them were single and joined the group to avoid pursue closely's marriage.. As a single person, I should associate with these three women, but I cannot reach harmony with them.. The woman with the foot washing room, cracking sound Kung Fu, was even more amused. I wonder if the guide said that she was single in error. On her way back to Moscow, she played up the story of leaving her wallet in the hotel, how she confided her loss to her husband in China, and how she lost several thousand dollars without investigation.. I think that most of the local tyrants in China, or the second and third wives of the local tyrants, probably travel in groups like this. It's a bit sad that I was wrongly marked because I was single.! Why can I have good communication and communication with many family members in inside, but cannot live in harmony with single people with the same composition?? I admit that I have a little fear of women in Chinese business today. I hardly have any common language with them.. However, as a single person, I can talk with my family, couple or their children very well.. If God also committed the crime of rightist wrong division during the Cultural Revolution, it is estimated that I regret that there is no possibility of vindication and snow in this life.. Therefore, when I plan to travel alone, I will first arrange my luggage.The tour guide's station wagon won't arrive at the hotel until 10: 30, so let everyone take their luggage and send them directly to Moscow's railway station after shopping.. And I couldn't wait for the bus from 7: 30 a.m. to 10: 30 a.m. in the hotel, so I asked the hotel front desk if there was a luggage storage area at St. Petersburg railway station.. It turns out that the luggage storage in St. Petersburg is a bit large. In the basement, it is divided into more than 123 rooms, just like different operators in China.. Fortunately, when the front desk gave me the subway map, it also made me understand that when I transferred to the subway station, it was the railway station.. In Russia, it should be noted that their railway stations are named after place names. For example, St. Petersburg is named after Moscow. A city has many railway stations, just like China's first tier cities's fashionable South Railway Station North Station East Station West Station. However, Russia uses names to distinguish lines. Moscow Railway Station is marked as going to Moscow. If you find other railway stations, there is no line to Moscow.. In addition, it is easy to get confused by taking the Russian subway. The exit of the subway station is not simply a matter of direction as in China or the United States, but the station with the same name may be separated by different routes.. When I left the hotel, I took my luggage with me, walked for 15 minutes, took the red line to the subway, and arrived at Moscow railway station smoothly. just like traveling in China, I simply checked my luggage. But in the evening, when I was looking for the subway station called Moscow Railway Station, I had a lot of trouble, because the station I arrived at was one intersection away from the hall where I was going to take the train and meet the tour group, plus the subway distance of two stops.. Fortunately, the camera function of the mobile phone is very powerful. After I checked my luggage in the morning, I took a picture of the railway station in time. When I asked the way at night, the Russians desperately told me that the subway entrance was here but it was not the place I wanted. I showed the picture of the mobile phone inside and told them that the correct destination was there but not here.. In Russia, deaf people often suffer from the distress of dumb people, especially when the other party says this is here, but you have to deny that this is not here. When you went there, you were told that this was the wrong place for The Horse's Mouth.. Even so, the tour guide still had to admire me for saying that you did not have a passport (because they would detain the passport in the name of the hotel when following the tour group) and still dared to run away alone.! (责任编辑:admin)




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