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   It should be said that aesthetic tease gives me courage.. I visited Dostoevsky's former residence during the tour shopping time.. The former residence where restless souls linger is so quiet and serene that it almost forces me to feel unreal.. There is no murder, no confession, no soul struggle, no poor debt collection. Even Dostoyevsky's style of gambling was so quiet that I doubted the authenticity of his manuscript.. Perhaps this is just like the dialectical philosophy of Tuoshi's novels, or the core intention of Religion in Russia's thought, that is, the suffering symbolized by the cross is the result of sin and evil, but it is also the way to transcend evil.. Everyone in the world will move towards such transcendence and such tranquility after the end of his life.. All the things listed in the former residence are things outside the body of Tuoshi. However, because of my thoughts, these things outside me have souls, a kind of peace beyond suffering, which makes me gradually sink into the realm of Tuoshi's Idiot in a slow pace.. This last day in St. Petersburg, when I was free to travel alone, was simple and full. The afternoon visit to Russian Museum was the most detailed and rewarding I saw in the whole trip.. It seems that I have further understood the moral of "idiot" in Tuoshi's works. It turns out that if I am completely infatuated, I will reap a lot..

   In the evening, I met with the tour group at the railway station, and the families with their children lamented that they did not let their children follow me to visit the museum.. Two high school students complained that they had a really boring day and heard their mothers shouting "cheap". Perhaps this is also the salvation of the Chinese. Buying real bargains is the core item for Chinese to participate in tours.. Almost before going abroad, the whole regiment was stirring up in the duty-free shop at Beijing airport.. Even I will think that cosmetics bought online are really fake.. When some economists talk nonsense to defend fake goods and say that fake goods in China are also good, it feels a bit like losing your tongue.. Because the quality of fake cosmetics in China is really a problem.! It is made of ordinary materials but sells under false pretenses at a price dozens of times higher than the ordinary quality.. How hard should it be for us to buy the real thing?. So the shopping of tour groups is carnival.. Some people have bought a barrel of Dutch milk powder from 68 yuan, but it costs more than 200 yuan to buy it online in China.. Russians, like Americans, can buy good large bottles of fresh milk in any supermarket, big or small, so they don't need to sell adult milk powder.. However, Chinese tour guides can take tourists to buy Dutch milk powder. Why can't China's online shopping or physical stores sell milk powder at normal prices?? Why is Dutch milk powder in Russia so much cheaper than the same brand in China? Why do Chinese merchants have to use daily necessities as luxuries to earn lawless benefits?? Not all the Chinese have local pride, not to mention the fact that all the Chinese have committed the disease that Boyle snapped up. It is the fact that the Chinese have lost their real value in places like look forward to eagerly where Jews prayed for God's grace when they were enslaved.! I missed the shopping opportunity, so I planned to go to Moscow to buy some more milk powder. when the guide took us to the pedestrian street in the drizzle, I walked into a small supermarket during the rush hour. I wanted to buy dairy products, but I couldn't bring the cheese that I missed, and there was no milk powder for Chinese adults, so I bought coffee.. It is really very good to cook and drink today.. This coffee is the right one.! The smoothness seems better than what I bought in Shanghai free trade zone or foreigner supermarket.. At the time of payment, the credit card of this supermarket could not be swiped. (Russian supermarkets use credit cards, and you will feel that it is really much behind the United States! ) So the enthusiasm of the Russians confused me to withdraw money from the ATM in inside. That is to say, Russian ATMs can use credit cards to withdraw money.. However, I have been worried about cross-border billing after withdrawal. Indeed, the handling fee is US$ 5. There is also one such ATM beside the restaurant for breakfast in the hotel. At that time, I wanted to exchange it, but RMB is useless. If you have US dollars, you can exchange it directly on the machine.. Requires at least one exchange of US$ 100 as the benchmark. Before going abroad, I tried to exchange some roubles, but Jingdezhen could not exchange them. I went back to Shanghai to exchange them at the bank of China at an interest rate of 1: 10.. (责任编辑:admin)




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