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  Today, tasting coffee and writing a trip to memory, Fang suddenly realized that I was poor because I always wanted coffee and cheese with the salary of buying cabbage, and I always had to import it from the original place.. But aren't fresh milk, fresh fruit juice, coffee and even cosmetics all necessities of life?? I am not interested in showing off famous brands at all, just like I don't know the brands in taste, but fake ones will naturally show off when I eat them.. I believe many Chinese feel the same way. How much we want to eat our patriotic feelings. In Jingdezhen, we are willing to cultivate a certain kind of chastity in Jiangxi Province, whether we eat or use it, just like the Hero brand milk powder we once trusted.. However, why is it so difficult to say love nowadays? Is it a change in living habits or is the hero in the Chinese heart a memory of the past?? Businessmen, you give me fake and shoddy goods, but also expensive, and even may take my life, but ask for my unswerving love! How can Chinese businessmen make Chinese people trust them? China's 30-year reform of the market economy cannot really lead to fair competition in the market.! Finally, I would like to say that foreign countries are not superstitious to Chinese people that they are foreign countries, but that foreign countries compete fairly on the market.! Local protectionism actually hurts the most! If one day you can also buy real goods and foods from all over the world in Jingdezhen, not only will this place improve its quality and character, but it will also win the trust of the business community.. That is to say, when one was born in Jiangxi and can enjoy the world, Jiangxi's material ability can go to the world or is the world's.! This is the real thing. The more local it is, the more world it is.! (责任编辑:admin)




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