Travel is like life, swing(14)

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   Travel is like life, how to swing out of the highest point? We need to improve the mechanism and enrich the human heart.. China's Gross Domestic Product is even higher. Why does it make people panic?? The beauty of the swing lies in its height and ease. The player has the solid trust of inside in his heart.. Nowadays, Chinese shopping overseas has become the laughing stock of this era. Chinese local tyrants or Chinese shoplifters are almost as likely to be written into the history of world humiliation as Sick man of Asia was then.. I am just an ordinary Chinese working and living in a fourth-tier city. I only buy a real foreign product, a trust that is not high-profile but that my body feels can truly taste, because I do not accept a real situation in which daily necessities are exploited as luxuries.! China's commercial spirit should not be easily destroyed by Overseas purchasing. Swings should not be virtual paper paste.. When China expands virtual trade and ignores honesty, please be careful of paper swings-!

   Lolita Cheng





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