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   It is even worse to visit the Kremlin. this is the last day when we took a train from st Petersburg to Moscow all night. according to the schedule, we visited the kremlin on this day. however, when we arrived near the red square, the tour guide and leader divided into two routes and took them away from the red square without participating in the tour at our own expense.. When I first visited the Red Square in Moscow for my free activities, I secretly visited the route of the Kremlin, but this last day was the Russian Army Day.. It turns out that Russians like their beef stew potatoes like a pot of stew style, even if it is a festival.. The army day can be said to be their men's day. Russian tour guides said it was equivalent to women's day on March 8.. Army Day is a holiday and women give gifts to men.. However, the government also pays tribute to the martyrs.. Red Square is a hodgepodge of squares (elegant and quiet, of course, don't mistake it for noisy just because I used "hodgepodge.". ) There is a century-old shopping mall like Gum, which looks almost like a century-old museum from the outside wall.. Inside, it is similar to the modern shopping center, but it does not have the clutter of the shopping center or the luxury of doing business. Like the thick stones used in Russian buildings, it has a precipitating style. Entering Gum is not so much shopping as enjoyment. Its interior is spacious as spectacular.. To describe it in Chinese, it is like a prime minister punting in his belly, and visualization is like a paunchy prime minister on the stage, walking around, easing his decision.. That kind of leisure will not allow you to rush, as if elegance takes time to brew.. Just across from Gum is the Martyrs' Cemetery. It says that all state leaders will present flowers here. On the Army Day, Putin will naturally present flowers, so martial law will be imposed.. I don't want to watch Putin. Although I also think he is handsome on TV, I still want to enter the palace, but all roads are guarded by soldiers in Pe aici nu se trece.. The Kremlin is on the left front of Gum, on the side of the Martyrs Cemetery.. The unexpected is the situation at that time. Fortunately, as a mass, I always have close ties with the masses. Seeing the Russian masses coming through the underground passage, I and another newly-married young group of people, asking and looking for them, finally entered "The Wall" smoothly.. If we say that it is impossible for us to enter "The Wall" from "outside The Wall" in Putin's office on the Kremlin side, but the Kremlin entering the scenic spot should be the rights and interests of every traveler.! However, this right is distorted by the Chinese tour group. Even I am not sure whether it is the tour guide's responsibility to lead the tourists to the entrance of the scenic spot, or whether it is the tour guide's fault for us to walk away from the leader's surveillance and find our own way to the scenic spot like detectives.? People who are ambiguous about tipping often confuse people who are not worldly wise and have no waste of capital.. I was the only one to visit the kremlin's treasure museum. tickets were 70. the machine was only available in English but free of charge.. Because those who paid the tour guide's own expenses didn't understand, they didn't even know that the tour guide didn't buy tickets for the treasure house.. Everyone went out of the palace after watching several churches in a daze in inside. Little imagine, the Kremlin is just like our Forbidden City. The treasures in it record the history of Russian expansion.. (责任编辑:admin)




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