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   Originally, we could have staggered the time when the red square was under martial law, because st Petersburg's train arrived in Moscow at more than 6 a.m. and it was less than 8 a.m. after breakfast at the Chinese restaurant. as Russia is close to the north pole, it is also late to work in the morning and evening in winter, and the general museums do not open until 11 a.m.. However, martial law is generally announced on the Internet with definite time. Tour guides can let us pass through Red Square and approach the Kremlin freely before martial law is imposed.. However, the tour guide did not inform us about the martial law. Second, we will be forced to take what pedestrian street first, endure time. Because it was drizzling at that time, most of the tour group stayed at McDonald's to kill their cell phones and go to the free toilet.. It seems that going to a free toilet on the pedestrian street was the only reason for wasting time at that time, because most public toilets in Russia charge fees, even railway stations only have toilets available by ticket, and those without tickets and money may have to suffocate.. Of course, perhaps Russian railway stations do not have the function of receiving refugees and beggars in Chinese railway stations.. At that time, I really wanted to enter Pushkin's former residence in the pedestrian street, but the maintenance was not open.. If the tour guide deliberately planned to lead us to the Red Square during martial law, in order to prevent those of us who are not familiar with the route and do not participate in self-paid visits to the Kremlin, it would be really beneath the responsibility of the "tour guide"! The Kremlin is both the political power center and the religious activity center of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the 14th to 17th centuries.. It is also the palace of many generations of Russian emperors and the highest power seat of Soviet Union.. I said she was a "hodgepodge" because Red Square was originally a trade fair center and formed a combination of church and state merchants by interacting with the Kremlin.. Churches in the Kremlin have different functions according to their mission. For example, buildings specially designed for Royal Wedding, tourists like to take photos and take pictures, touching the happiness of the royal family hundreds of years ago.. The churches that are endowed with the function of royal tombs are mostly displaying the huge coffins of emperors and royal families.. Buried in the church cemetery after death, I think it is a bit of ascension. But not everyone can bury a church after death.. The introduction of Russian buildings will tell you "baroque style", but I can't feel the mysterious atmosphere except for the resplendent and magnificent appearance of the gold series.. However, the coffin was carefully made, and the exquisite craftsmanship made me feel the symbolic meaning of "baroque". In Russia, the symbol of power is displayed in coffins. You have to say that it also has some allegorical significance.. In such a display church, tourists listen with great solemnity.. I don't need to listen to the guide's introduction of biblical stories. I just wonder if the combination of politics and religion in Russia can explain that since ancient times their politics have been different from the secular pursuit.? Of course, I also think of modern Chinese writers mocking feudal landlords' love for coffins. For example, the great grandfather in Cao Yu's Peking Man and the great grandfather in Lao She's Four Generations Under One Roof stood in front of the magnificent coffins of Russian emperors. I suddenly found a reason to vindicate China's great grandfather. What qualifications can I have to condemn an old man's lifelong love for coffins?? It's just a respect for life and death.! Nature, the greatness of life, the glory of death! It is only the coffins of emperors and royal families that attract tourists so much as a resort..So I later said to the children in the same group, tell your parents what it means to really lose at the starting line.! (责任编辑:admin)




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