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   I almost finished visiting the Treasure Hall quickly.. If you ask the way like the Russians, they will kindly explain it to you in detail, but because they can hardly express it in English, a church gatekeeper in the Kremlin simply took me to the treasure house.. As the tour group was in a hurry in palace, when I quickly returned the machine, the Russian old lady was really sincere and insisted that I had not seen enough because it took nearly 2 hours according to the machine explanation.. She was going to take me back in and lead me to the carriage house.. I saw the splendid carriages of emperors and the luxurious costumes of Ekaterina, and the carriages of the exhibition hall were of no use to me at that time because I had to catch the bus of the tour group.. I used international roaming to tell the tour guide that I was waiting for the bus at the exit and the martial law had been lifted, but the tour guide still asked me to taxi to the bus stop.. Take a taxi in Moscow carefully. They don't charge by mileage meter. They just let the driver quote, so you have to bargain for the price when you get on the bus.. I don't understand. The driver started asking for 2,000 rubles, then 1,500 rubles and 150 yuan RMB for a distance to the bus.. This is the last expense I have to pay to leave Moscow.. Of course, I still want to thank the Russian tour guide. After all, the bus waited for me, otherwise I would have stayed in Moscow to complain.. First, my notice of departure was to travel on the 8th, to leave on the 6th, and to arrive in Beijing on the 7th morning by plane in the evening. It was a 7-day tour, which was already problematic. Second, I have already been at the exit of the scenic spot and notified the location of the tour guide. there is no reason to leave me behind..

   The Chinese who have read several books of Russian literature always have some inexplicable pilgrimage to this country. Many familiar Russian literature, Soviet literature and songs came to Russia only to find that their descendants have forgotten or are not familiar with them. However, when we Chinese hum Moscow Nights, we are passionate.. The first day arrived in Moscow in the evening. The birch forest in The Gathering Dusk is in line with our singing voice.. China, which has a time difference of 5 hours, is greeting each other at that time, and the Spring Festival gala is also in full swing to ring the new year bell.. And I leaped over time and space, standing in the snowy inside of Moscow, calling for the bell of evening prayer.. The bell of evening prayer is the reason why the Chinese are infatuated with Russia. once when "golden rose" was translated into China, some people questioned: can a nation that does not kneel down to suffering understand the holy sound of Russia? As a matter of fact, Russia has boundless charm, whether it understands or not..

   Of course, the purpose of the tour group is not to kneel down to suffering or worship.. The tour group started from Shanghai. When the plane was flying, a Shanghainese from inside and a pair of migrant workers in Shanghai had a dispute over their front and rear seats. Fortunately, the plane did not return.. During the 7-day trip, the family had another quarrel in st Petersburg's Chinese restaurant over a bowl of tomato and egg soup.. Later, in contact, I felt that the family of quarrels was actually fine and had no unreasonable behavior. I was quarrelling and might argue for reasons.. However, all the families that argued for it were also asked to pay a lot of money for the project at their own expense.. Our itinerary is 3 nights in hotel, 2 nights in train and 1 night in plane. The accommodation and 5 meals in Moscow are all good.. The first day we stayed at Delta Hotel, a real four-star hotel.. The next day the Russian breakfast was full and delicious.. According to the tour guide, we were the first Chinese tour group to be arranged with Russian Chinese food, and the next day our Chinese food was held upstairs in a museum.. Not only did they eat authentic Russian beef stew with potatoes, but also their holiday pancakes.. At the end of February and the beginning of March, our tour group was catching up with Russia's "Maslenitsa", which originated in Royal Ploughing Ceremony during the Eastern Orthodox period and is also called the Winter Festival. In other words, we caught up with the carnivorous carnival before their religious groups fasted, so the lunch in Moscow gave a special flavor.. But no matter where the Chinese go, they have to show their national emotions. Many people in inside complained during the Russian meal that it was the Chinese pickled mustard tuber or radish that was delicious.. In St. Petersburg, we are all Chinese food, and the same, middle and lower class. I once asked my fellow travelers, in good conscience and without any national emotion, do you really think the Russian Chinese food on this trip is better than the Russian food? Some people who are sincere have to say that Russian breakfast is better than steamed bread and gruel Chinese food.. The last Chinese meal left Moscow was in a small town not far from the airport, which was regarded as medium and high grade Chinese food.. Only a few Chinese meals in St. Petersburg are to the point of quarrelling over a bowl of soup.. At that time, I still sympathized with the female owner of the Chinese restaurant. Although the Chinese soup was basically delicious and loose in inside, she did it again when we asked for another bowl at the two tables. The trouble lies in that she only made two bowls according to the two tables she asked for, thus causing the anger of those who did not add tomato and egg soup to the other table.. For ballet and museum, I have given up three Chinese meals in st Petersburg automatically.. Although a group of people from inside later deliberately teased me that all the Chinese food I didn't eat was good, I still have no regrets at all.. St. Petersburg's 2-night hotel is far less than Moscow's, and it can't reach four stars at all.. (责任编辑:admin)




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