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   It is said that travel is to spend money on hardship, food and suffering. Generally speaking, food and housing are basically qualified and everyone will not care about it.. Especially ordinary people like me who don't have much chance to get in touch with luxury goods make pilgrimages to the temple of their hearts with the money saved.. The guide in Moscow is a Russian who speaks Chinese very well. Judging from the direction he takes us to view the scenery, he has more cultural connotation.. For example, he took us to Lomonosov Moscow State University. To say "looking ahead" is beyond the reach of that magnificent teaching building.. The tour guide said that only students and teachers could enter, and we could only take photos from a distance outside the door.. For a man like me who would like to spend his whole life on the wall of a university in inside, it is really not enough to just take a picture of a facade.. I stepped on the snow and tried my best to move forward. I still didn't see the campus in a panoramic and multi-angle way.. Looking left and right is a plan like an online photo, because the team stipulates that we have neither time to walk to the side of this luxurious building nor to walk behind her..I face to face with Lomonosov Moscow State University's locked tall Door, imagine Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin studying here, Chekhov tasting cherries here, Boris Leonidovich Pasternak composing poems here, Solzhenitsyn brewing his belief here . how can inside, a row house that only sees the plane but cannot feel the three-dimensional space, walk out of so many stars showing off the world?? The tour guide said that it was very big to go in, meaning that the campus was behind the facade and inside the building complex.. There is no sadder thing in the world than filling your heart with flying and entering without a door.. I asked the tourists to help me take a picture of flying in front of Lomonosov Moscow State University.. If 15 years ago, I could not have imagined myself admiring the closed campus like a tour group.. A reader will think that all campuses in the world will open their doors like knowledge itself.. For example, in Hong Kong, you can not only enter any university library in Hong Kong and use it for borrowing, but I also entered the Columbia Library in the United States with Chinese University of Hong Kong's library card, because universities all have an exchange channel and apply for a temporary reading card with foreign certificates.. When I entered Harvard at the beginning of 2002, I used the book I wrote to apply for a temporary pass for scholars before I got the identity to enter and leave the library.. I said to the tour guide, you said the teacher could go in, I Am Sam (TV series)! The tour guide answered me: Where are you the teacher? Yes, standing in front of the locked Door in Lomonosov Moscow State University, where am I the teacher??

   Some people have criticized the Chinese for worshipping Religion in Russia culture, but they only know a little about what happened after the 19th century.. When I visited Basil Fool for Christ Cathedral, I wanted to try to see Russia's past.. This The Onion Router-style church with Russian folk colors was built in the 16th century to commemorate Ivan the Terrible's victory over Khanate of Kazan.. It may seem strange to commemorate the victory of the war in the form of a church, but many wars in the world are always fought because of religion.. The pilgrim's heart firmly believes that any religion has the aim of seeking good, but the religion in inside is always inseparable from war.. The tour guide didn't stop the entrance of 150 yuan rouble tickets and the visit to the church, because there was no self-funded project and the tour group was free to move outside Churchgate. The tour guide said it was not very interesting to go in, it was very small inside.. I like the state of free viewing. When I walked into this restored church in the 19th century, I was still attracted by large religious murals imitating the 16th century.. The icon painting of inside, a Russian church, has its own unique meaning and color. The color is more colorful, mostly crimson.. The image of the Virgin Mary in the picture is dignified, and occupies the central position of the picture. The Virgin Mary spreads out something like a skirt in her hand, and presents the shape of a son in the middle and lower part of the skirt.. The mother-child picture that highlights the virgin makes me feel that the holy light of "trinity" is especially soft and full of maternal brilliance.. From Moscow to St. Petersburg, churches are full of beautiful things.. The fee-paying church has long been turned into a museum instead of a service. I also spent 35 yuan RMB to buy three Orthodox music records.. There are also free churches that are specially opened for worship, where you can see devout believers praying silently, and many of them will kiss their foreheads and lips close to the icon and acquiesce.. I also learned from them. I kissed the icon as if I had many wishes but couldn't remember the specific request. It was just a holy place lit in this specific anointing oil and prayed. (责任编辑:admin)




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