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   I don't feel any more profound ancient religious spirit than the religious feelings influenced after the 19th century. Apart from the difference between onion-like church buildings and Gothic style, apart from their style and color originating from Byzantium, perhaps it is because I am deeply influenced by Russian literature in the 19th century.. This hasty and short tour did not give me a chance to visit Tolstoy's former residence, but in Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, I had to draw a picture of Tolstoy by Sachi and Ilya Efimovich Repin for ten years.. This barefoot farmer Tolstoy stands in a dark dark green forest, with his hands in his waistband. A peasant-style loose white gown occupies the central layout of the picture.. The commentary machine told me that this long jacket later became Tolstoy's style, especially a small pocket under the belt in the foreground of the picture, which was specially made by Mrs Tolstoy so that Tolstoy could write down the flashing inspiration when working in the fields and forests.. Passers-by tourists who helped me take pictures asked me, what did you say was in his pocket inside?? According to the commentator's answer, I think it should be an inspiration notebook and a pen used by leading officials at any time.. There is no peasant towel in the picture, unlike painting a peasant, which cannot be separated from painting a towel as a foil. However, although Tolstoy was barefoot and Ilya Efimovich Repin painted more than 70 sketches for him, there was also a picture of ploughing the fields, but this oil painting, which took ten years to work out, focused on presenting ideas.. From thoughtful forehead and jiong mu to smart beard, I, the Chinese, foil all the spirit of Tolstoy absorbed when explaining Tolstoy to Chinese students every semester.. This stubborn old man's religious pursuit, his clinging to nature, although born in the 19th century, I think it is closer to the origin of faith than the religious propaganda close to war.. Standing in front of this contemplative portrait, I listened to the introduction of machine inside. The old man even drew water himself to refuse the help of his servant. I felt how the old man worried about his noble property and land, how to get rid of the burden and get close to the sacred. I vaguely saw the manor decorated by Mrs. Tolstoy, and the unique study that only dared not disturb the old man, as well as the Resurrection, War and Peace by study inside.

   Religious spirit is not form but soul.. When visiting Savior's Blood Cathedral in St. Petersburg, it was different from feeling Tolstoy.. Tolstoy's oil painting gives me too much flexibility and sentiment, while Blooddrop Church makes me realize the tangle between Religion in Russia and government.. Blossom Church was built in memory of Alexander II at the end of the 19th century to commemorate the tsar's spirit of reform and to show compassion for the courage and courage of the lower classes who did not fear sacrifice.. If this were a memorial hall for martyrs, I would be even more awestruck, but this is a church of faith.. The Blossom Church is modeled after Moscow's Basil Fool for Christ Cathedral, but the icon is decorated with different details. What is particularly striking is that the Blossom Church is more prominent in the name of the son and more masculine, which may be related to its realistic commemorative mission.. For people like me who are easily confused, the mix of politics and religion will cause me to lose my way. I almost have no idea whether people worship the son or the tsar, a feeling that the soul falls into the earthly world.?

   Of course, I have to say that even though Russia's religion and politics are closely intertwined, I still feel the influence of their beliefs when I meet Russians on the road, such as asking for directions.. Russia's reform spirit, adherence to beliefs and maintenance of its nationality are complicated and confusing, which cannot be grasped by a hasty walker like me.. The museum also has a portrait of Peter the Great's son opposing his father's reform. The interpretation machine told me that the painter lamented that when he painted this picture, he tried his best to maintain his favorable impression of Peter the Great. However, his killing of the opposing son still made the painter feel disgusted and disgusted.. The streets of St. Petersburg are like falling into a museum with exquisite seats.. Its spacious streets make you admire Peter the Great for his vision and courage in reform at that time.. Peter the Great's organizational system of learning from Europe, his political and military strength and his achievement of rapidly becoming one of Europe's strengths are remarkable for secular politics.. Visiting from palaces to museums, whether Peter the Great or Yekaterina II Alekseyevna, can not only make you feel the willfulness of power, but also let you see the deeds of power.. Of course, there are also the cries of dissidents.It's just that I'm just a tourist. inside, who holds a dance in Ekaterina and requires men to wear women's clothing and women to wear men's clothing, just laughed and laughed.. Therefore, ordinary people in st Petersburg will still admire Peter the great and live in the museum. Like the Russians on the street, they don't want to explore Doctor Zhivago or The Gulag Archipelago.. Even in the Soviet era, it was only when Lenin was introduced to move the capital to Moscow that he mentioned it.. (责任编辑:admin)




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