Remember 8.12 Tanggu District Explosion, Read Fire Fighter

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   At 11: 30 p.m. on the night of August 12

   Half of the Night Sky in Tanggu District

   Was shattered by a violent explosion.

   The vibration was strong and the flames were blazing.

   Doors and Windows 恒越娱乐平台注册 cracking sound Leaps Down

   Hit the fleeing hearts one by one.

   The night turned into a fire ghost

   Devouring everything on earth

   Listen, that's the sound of rescue from Fireman

   Sirens blared.

   How many lives and hopes are affected

   In the face of fierce Summon Lava Spawn

   In the face of terrible ghosts

   Facing the ruins of broken bricks and debris

   Facing the complicated rescue scene

   It's you, it's you

   Put your life away,

   Put people's life safety first

   Writing Loyalty with Blood And Tears

   Interpretation of Youth with Dedication

   Casting Military Spirit with Fearless

   You are great

   Great people love dearly.

   You are very young

   Young makes people heartache.

   You are very brave.

   The bravery shocked countless people.

   Young life

   Fire-like youth

   It is the great steel wall of the motherland.

   Is the eternal patron saint of the people's heart

   The early autumn of August 12

   Too bleak

   You brought it

   There is sweat, tears and joy.

   More is endless sorrow and thinking

   Author: Random Thoughts





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