Lijiang daydream

时间: 作者:凉情伤心

   Yulong Snow Mountain looks like a young girl.

   Shake one's head with softness

   Red orange yellow green blue purple

   Spread colorful colors

   Waking up the quiet Lijiang at the foot of the mountain-

   The waterwheel creaked.

   Singing a song of exultation

   Clear Shuhe River

   Dressing, curling smoke from kitchen chimneys

   Long white clouds

   Stretch the spotless blue sky

   Beautiful and flawless


   Smell the delicious sun

   Take a sip of intoxicated air

   Bird song, frog song, insect song

   Waking up lazy shepherds

   Stroll through the ancient city

   Countless stories

   Luoman Naxi Inn

   The edge of Little Bridge

   How many Bodhi

   Full of fragrant love

   Sincere, simple and pure

   Happy meditation

   Happiness is simple-

   There is no need for a foreign house, just want to let the dream float in the sky.

   There is no need for luxury cars, only for happiness.

   I don't need fame and wealth, just want to keep my love.

   Don't need to be prominent, just want to let love flow


   A gentle call in silence-

   Lijiang longs for the vastness of its realm.

   Lijiang yearns for the broad sun

   Lijiang Purifies 天顺娱乐 the Soul of Everything

   Lijiang is willing to put everything down

   Looking ahead, looking ahead .

   In the waiting to open your broad chest .





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