Short hair has been long, where is the oath?

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   part1. Lan Wei only has short hair..

   That year, Lanwei was only 14 years old. Mushroom heads were still popular at that time. Lanwei cut her hair a lot and very short. She thought she was a mushroom head when everyone else had long hair.. But she was in Surprise. At that time, short hair had long been out of fashion. Lan Weiwei ran around the campus in inside with a mushroom head like a homeless child every day.. As we all think, when every ugly duckling is in trouble, there will always be a woman who is clean, warm and charming.. Lan Wei Wei is no exception.. An Su is the princess, as clean and warm as ever, as persistent and warm as ever.. This year, Lan Wei only 16.

   part2. Charcoal from An Su.

   Just when Lan Wei only gained the favor of friendship and numerous dudes, an autumn rain came as scheduled.. Lan Wei Wei never expected his always strong father to fall to the ground.. Around his father's blood large dizzy dye, ren LAN Wei only tears hit down one by one also wash not pale father's blood and sadness in my heart. The driver who caused the accident begged Lanwei's eyes to be dull and numb, just like a log. In the heavy rain and mighty city of inside, An Su drove to open the door with tears in his eyes. An Su hoped that it was only a dream. However, Lanwei's tearful face revealed this cruel reality as if the scar had been torn apart, not only flesh and blood but also my heart was broken. An Su cried and held Lan Wei Wei, Wei Wei. Wake up and don't frighten me. Uncle left and you and me. Voice did not fall. Tears on An Su's face were mixed with rain and it was extremely cold.. No matter how An Su advised, Lan Wei Wei refused to leave.. Until the police forced Lanwei to return to his home in An Su. Yes, back, without a father, An Su is Lanwei's only relative, and An Su's home is Lanwei's home..

   part3. Unfamiliarity with youth and unfamiliarity with mulberry.

   Lan Wei Wei's father did not survive the illness. On a sunny morning, he left his favorite daughter and went away.. Lan Wei Wei's heart was like a piece of glass, cracked and broken.. She understood that she was completely orphaned.. Her father left her with a large blue clan. she must grow up and learn to be strong.. (责任编辑:admin)




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