Valentine's Day-A Last Wish

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   Some people say:

   "Can you

   Say some words of blessing?

   On this precious valentine's day,

   Let the warm sunshine

   Melt the snow on the top of the mountain,

   Let the flame of happiness

   Lights the lonely lamp,

   Let the dark sea bottom also open out

   Beautiful roses,

   Let the seeds of love,

   In the arms 天顺娱乐注册 of lovers, inside

   Become each other's body. "

   I am on this beautiful day

   Give all my heart

   Although he is not Ray of Light

   But also sincere and warm

   I have taken it with me.

   For 35 years

   My sincere wishes:

   All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill.

   Those abandoned need not be sad.

   Those who are rejected need not feel sad either.

   Love is like a mysterious magnetic field

   The broken seam does not fit.

   The suction can't be detached either.

   I wish:

   Both husband and wife grow old together.

   The irascible should be as mild as possible.

   Complaining should be treasured

   The ups and downs are always your nest.

   It's always your home to take care of.

   You will not be the biplane in the sky.

   Also must become the Now and Forever on the ground

   Years have aged your faces.

   Can't die out of you


   Author: Autumn Moon Is Clear





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