I miss you lightly and shed tears lightly.

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   I miss you lightly and shed tears lightly.

   I don't know where we are going tomorrow, nor do I want to know, nor do I want to know. I just want to be able to leave the most beautiful memory about you in my memory, inside..

   Looking at that lonely moon like me, now I am used to drinking this coffee alone at night. When a meteor streaks across the other side of the day, I will make a wish.. I hope you can have a good time.. However, every chat. I know your pain, your unhappiness. Thinking of your pain, but can't give you the comfort I should give you, I can only, in such a night, drink cup by cup the bitter coffee..

   When painful thoughts wander aimlessly. Thinking, if, for a while, I go to sleep, will you come to my dream inside to soothe my sorrow. In the distance, are you in Stressed Out now??

   That night, were our smiles, those clouds and stars outside the window, heartbreaking for us?? Remember your voice, so let me can't help it. Thinking of you in the distance, I tried my best to reach out to you.. Only to see. The hand that approaches you cannot find you in the thick fog..

   How much torture will it take before we can really embrace each other? Let our simple dream come true. It is the season in Smiling Rose, but I cannot give you a beautiful rose..

   Thinking of every moment when I am happy with you, I will secretly shed tears.. Today's wind will blow in that direction.. If it is blowing toward you in that direction, under that sky, do you see my smile in the wind, is so brilliant, do you still see behind that brilliant smile?. In tears?

   The loss of years has taken away my youth day by day. I am still as sunny today as I am in your memory.. On a night like this, there is no one beside you.. I can only drink this bitter coffee, miss you lightly and shed tears lightly under that lonely month like me, leaning against the railing..





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