The Eternal Spiritual New Year's Dinner

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   Watching the Spring Festival Gala has become a part of Chinese and even the world's Chinese culture in Spring festival customs.. The Spring Festival Gala, like the New Year's Eve meal on the 30th of the year, constantly reminds people of their memories buried in their hearts and their reverie of saying good-bye to the old and welcoming the new.. After more than 30 years of precipitation, the Spring Festival Gala has become the collective memory of the Chinese people and reverberates in our hearts year after year..

   For more than 30 years, the Spring Festival Gala has lasted for a long time.! No TV program has such lasting and extensive cultural influence as the Spring Festival Gala. Although the Spring Festival Gala has suffered from various "spitting words" in the public opinion arena due to the uproar on the Internet, it still faces the complexity of modern society and the diversity of spiritual needs with a humble and peaceful attitude, strives to seek "greatest common divisor" in a society with a hard-to-tune population, and offers a sumptuous spiritual feast to the audience every year as promised, and finally wins the wide recognition of the whole society..

   If it is said that the popularity of the Spring Festival Gala 30 years ago was because it satisfied the national people's desire for cultural diversity, then today, 30 years later, when the media market is booming and various parties are competing in Qian Fan, and when the audience's choice to "vote with remote control" has been strengthened as never before, why people still love the Spring Festival Gala has become a question worth thinking about.. What is more noteworthy is that not only Chinese and overseas Chinese but also foreigners with various skin types from "global village" inside love the Spring Festival Gala.. This is not accidental.

   The influence of the Spring Festival Gala is not the result imposed on the audience by CCTV.. Up to now, there is not a TV station in the world that has the kind of magic as "magic bullet theory" calls it.. The popularity of the Spring Festival Gala is because it reflects the real life of the broad masses of people in China and echoes the true feelings of the broad masses of people. In foreign countries, it has satisfied the strong curiosity and interest of audiences from all over the world to feel Chinese culture.. If we look at these 30-year Spring Festival Gala programs together, we will see the historical mark and development track of the whole Chinese society..

   Comparing the "flavor" of the Spring Festival Gala in its different periods, we will find that the Spring Festival Gala has moved from a simple "inner party" to the whole country and is moving from the Chinese cultural circle to the world.. Obviously, its significance has already gone beyond the scope of one country and one place, and has become a beautiful scenery of Chinese culture in the "global village". This evolution is synchronized with the development trend of China's modern society..

   At the same time, the audience of the Spring Festival Gala itself is extremely complex, which also determines that the Spring Festival Gala inevitably needs to be judged by audiences of different nationalities, regions, ages, occupations and tastes in China, and even to be criticized and criticized by audiences from various countries and cultural backgrounds.. It can be said that it is difficult for everyone to adjust! This puts forward higher requirements and greater tests for those who cook this spiritual feast..

   The Spring Festival Gala is never a "dish" made of a single ingredient.. On the basis of ensuring diversity and richness in form and content, it should create the cultural imagination of the entire Chinese nation, reflect the real form and development level of Chinese society, and convey the mainstream values and voices of Chinese society.. Its audience positioning is not small from the beginning, but completely oriented to the public; It has gradually changed from "China's Spring Festival Gala" to "the World's Spring Festival Gala.".

   In this process, the "evaluation" of the Spring Festival Gala in the public opinion field is very complicated.. This kind of complexity does not originate from the Spring Festival Gala itself, but from the complexity of the audience groups themselves.. It is conceivable that on the Internet, different views on the Spring Festival Gala will be further enlarged and will be more exciting, enthusiastic and lasting.. No matter how hard the Spring Festival Gala tries to improve, it is bound not to win applause from everyone..

   As Yan Lianke said in an interview with the media: "I don't want my work to have a good cheer, nor do I want it to die of itself.". It is normal for me that my works are controversial. Whether each work is valuable or not is becoming clearer and clearer in the controversy.. "In fact, the same is true for the Spring Festival Gala. It is normal to have disputes. Whether the Spring Festival Gala is worth every year is becoming clearer and clearer in the disputes.. (责任编辑:admin)




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