Overdrawn Love inside's Disappointment

时间: 作者:照毛

   Perhaps one day I will change, become no longer gentle, no longer love to laugh, no longer care about you, because you overdraw the disappointment of love inside. When I can no longer advance your confidence in love, we will not return to the past..

   Perhaps one day, I will be very cold to you, because you have driven me out of your world with cold many times.. You said you were very busy, so I want to give you enough personal space to satisfy your career ambition.. I am not greedy, only hope you can look back at me occasionally.. But I am more familiar with your busy figure than your face.. Very strange, strange as if only nodding friends, have nothing to say, even meeting is a difficult task..

   Maybe one day, I won't care about you any more, because you have ignored my concern countless times.. You said you know how to take care of yourself, so you don't need my unnecessary and annoying care.. However, I have witnessed time and time again you spoil your health, and experienced time and time again you treat my concern as nonsense.. You have never cherished my concern, or even paid serious attention to it.. My face is not thick enough to be indifferent to your indifference and still treat you as before.. My concern is limited. You are overdrawn and I cannot afford any more..

   Maybe one day, I won't smile at you again, that's because you give me fewer and fewer smiles.. You said you had a lot of troubles and were unhappy, so I tried to make you laugh and make you happy.. However, you can't see my efforts. Instead, you turn your depression into anger and say one uncomfortable word to me.. When I can't remember the last time you smiled at me, my heart was cold and I couldn't smile at you anymore..

   When I am more and more disappointed with you, I will no longer be the person you want to see, but will be myself.. Since you treat me like standoffish, then I don't need to continue caring and attentive to you.. I would rather leave my smile to myself, to other people who care about me, even passers-by, than waste it on you.. You are overdrawing my patience and feelings for you, and you still don't know it, then don't blame me for leaving without looking back at the end.. I am not strong enough to be with someone who often makes me lonely. I am not optimistic and have no confidence to go with you like this. I am not brave, I do not have the courage to continue to bear the damage you have given me.. Love is a two-person affair, which requires two people to pay and manage together.. Now, it seems that this love has become my own affair. I am responsible for giving, and you are only responsible for taking, causing me heavy losses.. If one day I want to leave, it is time for me to be completely disappointed in you..

   When will you find out that your busyness and indifference overdraw my disappointment in love with inside and understand that my love is not a credit card with no limit. When you fully overdraw my limited disappointment, I will not endure any longer and become a stranger to you. In fact, I am only treating a stranger.. And you are out of my love inside and become an irrelevant passer-by. But I still hope that we can continue to go on, you can give me companionship, care and smile, make up for all you have missed, and let our love no longer lose money..





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