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   Proper make-up for single leftover women before dating.

   No matter how good you think your skin is, if you enter the ranks of single leftover women, force yourself to stick a mask before 恒越娱乐 dating.. In particular, nowadays many blind dates are arranged in the daytime of holidays. The coffee shop in inside, a quiet place near the glass window, has two people sitting opposite each other.. I tell you, the sunshine will leave no blemishes hidden on your face.. You can even see the texture of foundation. No matter how beautiful the beautiful woman is, she is afraid of the sun shining. Before dating, she should do a good job in moisturizing her skin. This is the first step for your confidence..

   Set the topic of communication before the blind date

   Before a blind date, force yourself to set 10 topics. During the blind date, you can always talk about it according to the situation, so as to avoid the cold weather.. Of course, topic setting also has skills. when dating, we must avoid the rigid communication method of asking questions and answering questions. but if we meet introverted and taciturn objects, we can draw from some interesting news topics that are currently popular. from the conversation, we can secretly understand each other's tendency in life interest.. However, when meeting for the first time, remember to mention "money" and avoid mentioning some topics with too obvious directionality about the other party, so as not to make the other party dislike your "vulgarity".

   If you can, it is better to communicate with each other several times by phone before the blind date, and meet again after you have a certain preliminary understanding of each other, so that you will have more common topics and guarantee the success rate of blind date..

   The timing of the blind date should be well controlled.

   If the two sides do not fall in love at first sight or are extremely speculative. Then it's best to have a blind date for no more than two hours. For the first blind date, don't hold the purpose of long talk. If you feel good about the other party, you should also say "leave" at the right time. For those who want to ask but have not been able to ask for an answer, you can go home and talk to the matchmaker or wait for the next detailed talk.. In a word, the first blind date should be well controlled, short and pithy, and most appropriate.!

   However, single people should keep smiling.. If you meet a question that is difficult to answer or you don't want to answer, don't force yourself to answer, just keep silent with a smile.. Also leave each other a calm affection, that is fair maiden's reason and wisdom. This article consists of (Meiwen. COM. Cn) small compilation and arrangement, hope to help you.





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