Learn to light your own lamp

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   Learn to light your own lamp

   True happiness does not depend on any external person or thing, nor does it come from changeable emotions and feelings, but is a state of clear, happy and calm heart.. The biggest obstacle to happiness is demanding too much of it..

   Looking back, I suddenly found out that all my efforts in my life were only for the satisfaction of the people around me.. In order to win the approval and smile of others, I gingerly put myself into all the shackles of all modes.. On the way, I suddenly found that I only had a vague face and a road that I could not turn back..

   I can't say why, especially like to stay with such calm and peaceful people.. Enthusiasm scares me. First, it scares me to repay the same enthusiasm. It is a very hard thing. It is impossible to bear it and makes people collapse. Second, fear that enthusiasm will fade quickly and become more lonely because of the gap..

   A woman's greatest kindness to a man is to leave all her former life behind and be with him regardless.. 恒越平台首页 And the greatest reward for a man to a woman is to make money, to accompany her attentively and never cheat, and to guard her from the poorest time to the richest time.. Therefore, marriage means that women use their whole lives to show kindness and men use their whole lives to repay kindness..

   A woman who is stained with fine dust, such as a lotus in early summer, drunk in the south of the Yangtze River in ink painting, in a misty rain inside in raincoat, writes poems with the rhythm of Tang and Song poems for the elegant style of a Aglaia odorata, composes music for the tranquil style of remote mountain chrysanthemum, looks at the clear eyes of grass dew, looks at the sunlight crawling with green vines, does not read Masaan with the thread of time, and does not love ink painting for a long time..

   The friendship between gentlemen appears indifferent but is pure like water.. The soul needs a certain distance, and the communication between people is measured.. Collisions are too intense, cracks are easy to occur, feelings are too strong, and brains are easy to heat up.. You may lose friends at close range, but you have a hazy feeling at a distance.. Distance beauty will not scorch each other's hearts, distance beauty can increase the friendship between the two sides, distance beauty is a kind of long-term beauty. Keep a proper distance, too close will lead to thinning..

   The light from flour, who loves himself, cannot deceive others. You will live in peace, calm and joy. You will seldom complain, have little dissatisfaction, and have not much to clarify. You can say clearly that your heart is a sea of peace and strength..

   We all walk in the darkness and learn to light our own lights..

   Raw rice has already been cooked into cooked rice, and it is of no benefit to regret the previous behavior. The only sensible way is to properly handle the following matters and not make them worse.. Spilled Water can't take it back. Wood that has been carved into a boat cannot be restored to its original state. Knowing these simple principles, we can deal with the remaining problems calmly.. Regret is no good. Don't make things worse..

   A small variable in life can completely change the direction of choice.. If they had appeared earlier, they might not have been with another person, Cross Your Fingers.. Or meet a little later, late to two people in their respective love experience slowly learned tolerance and understanding, kindness and compromise, perhaps together, will not be so easy to give up, willfully turned around and let go of love.

   The extreme love is more like a reunion between one oneself and another oneself in the past in inside.. Willing to bloom for each other for no reason, will be hopelessly invested for each other, this is the ultimate love.

   On the way to dream, there are many nodes that can choose to give up.. Not worthy of suffering, and failed to live up to their ambitions, not worthy of the most uncomfortable.. I hope you can look back and say to yourself in the near future: "Thank you for not choosing to give up at that time.". "

   Life is like a big river, which may be beautiful in scenery or stormy in waves.. The partner you need is the one who can stand side by side with you in the bow of the ship, sing the scenery on both sides of the strait, and hold your hand tightly in the stormy waves.. In other words, it is best that she herself is not the stormy sea you have to deal with..

   If it is for myself, I think it is better to expect more. Failure is easy to fail, but sometimes it will arouse unexpected courage.. For others, it is better to expect less, less disappointment and less harm..

   Anyone who looks around will eventually be abandoned by life outside the door of success.. Everyone has the right and freedom to let his life bloom. On the road to success, we have no reason to escape and find excuses, because the smaller and humble life, the greater and unyielding life can be proved.. (责任编辑:admin)




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